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Petroleum Pipeline to Reduce Leaks and Theft

Although pipelines in the United States are facing some concerns and the Keystone XL is on hold, envisioned pipelines elsewhere on the globe are providing solutions to existing problems.
In Nigeria, theft from existing oil pipelines costs the Nigerian government and management corporations nearly 60,000 barrels a day and causes serious environmental damage. In the past, [...]

More Oil Discovered in Canada

Statoil announced that it has found oil off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Significantly, they contend that the find is approximately 200 million barrels of “light, high-quality oil.”
The new oil discoveries in Canada, the petroleum boom in the United States, and continued Mexican oil output places North American economies in quite an advantageous position.

American LNG Spurs Liberalization of Russian Energy Market?

On 7 November 2012, Gazprom chartered the Ob River LNG carrier to transport LNG from Hammerfest, Norway to the Port of Tobata, Japan using the Northern Sea Route. It was the first voyage of its kind, and a signal to international observers that Russian and Norwegian LNG suppliers were being proactive in responding to the [...]

LNG: To Export or Not to Export

The Department of Energy just approved Freeport LNG’s bid to export liquefied natural gas to countries that do not have free-trade agreements with the United States. Freeport LNG is approved to export daily as much as 1.4 billion cubic feet, much of it destined for Japan.
The Department of Energy supports the use of hydraulic fracturing, [...]

Oil Prices to Fall in 2012?

With low rates of economic growth in the United States and Europe and declining rates in China and Brazil, there is less demand for oil, which has decreased the price. However, energy futures markets portend oil prices to remain at present rates.
Should we listen to analysts claiming that the price of oil will drop to [...]

Few Cheer 2012 Farm Bill Reforms

America desperately needs to rework agricultural policy and reform the agricultural subsidies regime. Unfortunately, the Agricultural Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012 passed in the Senate does little to better the situation.
For the first time in recent history, the US Congress has modified the US agricultural regime, something which many reformers cheer. The problem [...]

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  • Ethanol Subsidies Expire!

    Ethanol Subsidies Expire!

    The United States Congress let ethanol subsidies expire over the weekend. The government will no longer subsidize this inefficient industry, but because of corn subsidies, the low cost of US corn, legally imposed demand for ethanol, and a surge in Brazilian demand for ethanol which has made the United States a major ethanol exporter, the [...]

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